4 Types of Orgasm

Did you know what kinds of orgasm a woman can achieve? We will discuss them with you here and give you tips on how to reach them. Ready for pleasure?

Vaginal Orgasm
You knew that vaginal orgasm is achieved when you manage to stimulate your G-spot well enough and rich enough. It turns out that only 30% of women get to enjoy this kind of pleasure by penetration.
Reaching climax through your G-spot? Our recommendation is that you play with your vagina and its front wall. The goal is for you to find a wavy, fluffy area… That’s your G-spot! Another recommendation for you to achieve this orgasm: interlock your legs during penetration and make sure that whatever rubs against the front wall of your vagina.
Our last tip: If you want to achieve a vaginal orgasm you must have a lot of sex to achieve it.

different types of orgasms
Clitoris Orgasm
Most women achieve this type of orgasm very easily. Did you know that the outer point of the clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings? If you know how to use it well you can have a great orgasm.
Advice for clitoris orgasm? Have your partner circle with fingers, from the lips of the vagina to the top of the clitoris hood. Pleasure is guaranteed in this way; we guarantee it!!
Our advice? Discover what you can accomplish in your clitoris using a vibrator.

Mixed Orgasms
Can you imagine what it would be like to mix a vaginal and clitoris orgasm? Well, it’s one of the most divine sensations that can be achieved!
How to achieve this? The position of the woman upstairs during sex is magical to achieve this type of orgasm. It also helps to achieve this form of pleasure to be very excited. Kisses and caresses will achieve this goal.

Multiple Orgasms
Multiple orgasms come to a woman one after another, quickly. This type of orgasm can be achieved by women who can endure stimulation after the first and second orgasms…. and until they can stop.
How to achieve this? Have the person accompanying you reach the first climax of the clitoris using your hands or mouth. From there, penetration begins, which can lead to multiple vaginal orgasms or mixed, using the technique of stopping and accelerating.

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