6 sexual positions to try

We’ll show you the six sexual positions you should try to turn your partner sex life around and discover how they can achieve new forms of pleasure.

The “V”
In this position the woman sits at the edge of the table. For his part, the man stands in front of her and raises his partner’s legs on his shoulders. The woman lies back slightly and the penetration will flow extrasensory.

the missionary sexual position

The Amazon
Here the man must sit in a chair and the female take a seat in front of the man, looking him in the eye. Now, she starts wiggling and the man grabs her by the ass.

Riding backwards
In this position the gentleman should lie on his back and the female should sit on it, turning her back. The woman’s knees, which are resting on the floor, serve to propel her into this position and control. The good thing about this position for the woman is that it helps her to caress her sex or that of her partner.

The two floors
In this position the gentleman is placed face up and the female will do the same, on him. The woman should lean her back slightly, so that she can place herself on top of the man and start the penetration.

Ascension to heaven
Here the gentleman is standing and the female in front of him must be allowed to rise. She should wrap her legs around her partner’s waist, or she can put her feet on a sofa to relieve the weight. Here the speed of penetration is controlled by man.

The classic doggie
In this position, the woman should be placed in four and the man behind her will be able to penetrate through the vagina or anus, as the position lends itself to this. This is one of the best positions, as it gives much pleasure to both.

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