7 Actions to Solve Premature Ejaculation

The treatments to cure premature ejaculation are several and that’s why we want to bring you 7 simple tricks to solve this annoying problem. Say goodbye to those low-performance nights and become a tiger in bed with the solutions we bring you!

1. – Have a healthy life: Start by exercising, we assure you that half an hour of physical movement a day will do you good. The more exercise the more powerful the semen is. Also, we invite you to put a brake on saturated fats. By making these changes, things will start to get much better.

food to stop premature ejaculation

2. – Eat the foods that slow premature ejaculation: There are foods that can turn you into a tiger in bed, start eating them and get ready to improve your sexual performance. What are these meals? We recommend eating ginseng, oats, tuna and mayonnaise. In addition, natural herbs can also help you in this regard, such as chamomile, passionflower or biloba.

3.- Farewell to alcohol and tobacco!The effects of smoking and alcohol are harmful to blood circulation, so if you want your little friend to come back to life, you have to say goodbye to those two substances. Would it be hard for you to give up these two addictions? Then we recommend you do it little by little, so that you don’t notice the difference so much.

4. – Use the Kama-Sutra!It is very important to try several postures when having sex. Remember that depending on which posture you use you will have a different rhythm and excitement… which will directly influence your ejaculation! So give yourself time and find a comfortable position in bed with your partner.

5. – Use Vibrating Rings: The sex toy you need to put an end to premature ejaculation and lengthen your duration in bed are the vibrating rings, which are sex toys capable of prolonging your erection. There are a variety of rings, which can be adapted to your budget and what you want to achieve in your partner. Buying one of these toys will definitely be a hit in bed.

6.- Sexual Energizer: The right dose of these products can give you all the vitality you are looking for in bed. One of the most widely purchased energizers on the market is the one made with the Peruvian maca plant, which serves to enhance female desire, that is, acts as a natural aphrodisiac.
7. – Converse your problem!If you suffer from premature ejaculation, the first thing you should do is discuss this problem with your partner. Being open with your partner can help you and your partner solve a problem that affects both of you. They may even, if they feel it is necessary, go to couples therapy, where a specialist can also help them resolve a problem that ultimately affects both of them. Just keep in mind that leaving this problem for you will only bring you more trouble.

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