Anal Sex – The 5 Basic Tips

Anal sex is one of the sexual practices that can bring a lot of pleasure to the couple if it is done in the right way. In men, anal masturbation can be very pleasurable as it can sometimes touch the prostate that contains many nerve endings. In women, the vagina may be stimulated.
This unique experience may sometimes be associated with pain. The natural situation of the sphincter or anus is to remain closed, so if this muscle has not been previously distended, anal penetration may be difficult and painful.

tips for anal sex safety

1. Maintain basic hygiene standards:
Before starting the foreplay games, we recommend that you both use the highest level of hygiene in their respective intimate parts, it is also advisable that good hygiene is carried out on anal toys, if any.

2 Add a little lubrication
Unlike the vagina and penis, the anus is not naturally lubricated. It is for this reason that we always advise you to use an intimate lubricant, which serves not only to facilitate sexual relations but also to make them more pleasant. Contrary to the vagina, the muscles of this area are not so elastic so the use of some type of lubricant will favor the penetration avoiding pain.

3 Start with a little stimulation. The instinctive reaction of the anus to touch is to contract, so we advise you before making any penetration to relax and dilate it. Add a little pre-sex play and a little stimulation to help the anal musculature relax, facilitating and improving penetration. Keep in mind that the anus is full of nerve endings, so your stimulation will involve a lot of pleasure. To start the stimulation you can lubricate your finger and start massaging your partner’s area with gentle circular movements, this in addition to generating pleasure will help your partner relax and begin to enjoy.

4 Use the Right Anal Toys We advise you not to insert anal toys or objects into the anus that are not designed for this purpose. The anus tends to close and sometimes objects that are inserted too much later cannot be removed. Sex toys for anal use, such as Plugs or anal balls, are specially designed and manufactured for penetration into this area and have shapes and materials that prevent these or other problems from happening.

5 Using Condoms
The use of the condom for anal penetration is very good practice and above all, never go from anal penetration to vaginal penetration as this is the risk of bacterial transmission.

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