Essential sex toys

A classic: the rabbit vibrator
These sex toys became famous thanks to the American series Sex in the City. The Rabbit Habit vibrator can fully stimulate the G-zone of any woman. The ears of this sex toys are in charge of stimulating your clitoris. It works everywhere!

The ring for the penis
On these sex toys there is no doubt about how to use them, they all go around the base of the penis. Your target? give men a strong and lasting erection. If you have erection problems, we present you the one who will become your best friend.
If you’re just starting out in the world of adult toys, trying a penis ring may be your best option.

Essential sex toys

To stimulate the clitoris:
These toys, none of them resemble any other of the same category. They come in very different shapes and presentations. The goal of these dildos is always the same, to give pleasure to women’s nerves located in the clitoris. The high level of sensitivity of this area is perfect for pleasant orgasms with these toys.

The masturbators:
When we talk about masturbators, we refer to one of the toys that are most commonly found on the market. They also come in all models, sizes and colors. The latest models are intended to recreate a woman’s vulva.

The Bullet: Vibrator
This small, bullet-shaped vibrator has clear objectives: to be a simple and elegant vibrator that stimulates the clitoris in a spectacular way. Your advantages? can also be used in pairs, due to its small size, as it can be inserted next to a penis.

The prostatic-perineal vibrator
The taboo that forbade men from exploring his anus was left behind. Even now, there are toys for men (regardless of their sexual inclination) that help them enjoy the prostate-perineal zone.

Chinese balls
If these sex toys have become popular these days, much of’ guilt’ is in the book 50 Shadows of Grey. If you’re eager to explore new sensations, this may be the toy you’re looking for. Female orgasm can be taken to a new level, if you use the Chinese balls as a complement to penetration.

Body oils
Body oils are a great complement to sex, as they can help you during the previous stages and during sexual intercourse. These oils also come in a wide variety of sizes and you can have many varieties: edible, hot to the touch, anal desensitizers, etc.

The BDSM: bondage (B), bondage and discipline (BD), domination and submission (D&S), sadism and masochism (S&M) is the sexual game where pleasure is experienced through physical pain, humiliation and subjugation. In these toys there are several levels, from beginners who just want to try, to consecrated masters within the BDSM. You decide which ones to try.

Erotic Lingerie
We classify erotic lingerie as a sex toy, because it can be used for preamble, during the work and after sex thanks to its characteristics. Seeing these clothes as toys only requires a little more imagination. No one is left in doubt that a sexy lingerie or a corset ignite passion.

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