Intimate Lubricants to increase pleasure

The intimate lubricants are increasingly sold and used because they help many couples to enjoy sex avoiding discomfort and even pain that can sometimes be suffered during sexual intercourse.

The intimate lubricant, also known as vaginal lubricant, helps to reduce friction in the genitals or anus during sexual activity or to lubricate the vagina, in cases where natural lubrication is not available.

Adding a little of this gel allows you to try new experiences in your relationship in a much more enjoyable way.

different types of lubricants

What Types of Lubricants are on the market:

  • Water-soluble: are the intimate lubricants most recommended during sexual activity or with the use of sex toys because they are water-based and tend to irritate less mucous membranes and other surfaces of the body. They do not stick, do not stain, are odourless and clean easily, are also hypoallergenic and perfectly compatible with all condoms. Attention, but do not use them in the bath or shower as they dissolve with water.
  • A Mineral-oleose-based: as for example petroleum jelly, are the least recommended because they are made from a mixture of gelatin and mineral oil, which are petroleum products and are not diluted or decomposed in contact with body fluids, as is the case with water-based products. They are also difficult to remove from the body because they are not diluted in water. Another major disadvantage of the oily mineral-based product is that it damages latex and therefore impairs the effectiveness of the condom, interfering with its function as either a contraceptive or a protector of sexually transmitted diseases. The most common mineral oil-based products on the market are petroleum jelly and baby oil.
  • Silicone based: just use a little bit for its proper functioning, but they are not always pleasant to skin contact. They can also damage sex toys by attacking the surface of some materials. For example, it can dissolve sex toys made of silicone but is harmless to latex. It can also leave stains that are difficult to remove on fabrics, sheets, underwear, towels, etc.

When To Use Them

The lubricant is used to increase pleasure and/or prevent pain during sexual activity, and is typically applied to the glans, sex toy, vagina and anus before penetration. When to use it:

  • During anal sex, since there is no natural lubrication in this area of the body, it helps to eliminate or limit any pain caused by penetration of either the penis or the dildo.
  • When the woman does not produce enough natural lubrication or has vaginal dryness or in cases where, as a result of pain, the vagina contracts to the point where penetration is difficult.
  • In masturbation: Normally, women during masturbation have good lubrication in the vagina during the early stages of excitement. However, spontaneous lubrication of the penis in men is more limited at the beginning of masturbation, making it necessary to use a lubricant.
  • With the use of sex toys, as the lubricant provides a softer contact with the skin and prevents irritation caused by prolonged use.

More and more varieties!

Most intimate lubricants are water-based and are available on the market in a wide variety of aromas, fragrances and flavors, some edible and with a hot or cold effect. You only have to choose what experience you want to live in order to decide which one best suits your needs!

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