Lack of sexual desire and how to prevent it

We understand sexual desire as an impulse of instinctive and/or psychological character that incites the person towards sexual behaviors.

lack of sexual desire

Sexual desire is determined by a series of biological, psychological and social factors that influence its performance in our daily life.

Sexual desire is not always constant throughout our lives and not everyone perceives it with the same intensity.

Because of the lifestyle or the stage, we are going through, it is normal that we have rises and falls due to sexual interest.

Among the most typical questions are whether men and women see or feel it in the same way and for that clarification as mentioned above there is no amount of “normal” sexual desire, but within the differences that we can find if this manifestation of desire is not always similar to each other. Generally speaking, women attribute much of our desire to the affective, while men channel it more quickly and practically.

Another of the big questions is how we can detect if it is happening to us and for that we put together a brief list that you can answer to make a self-evaluation….

Sexual fantasies and thoughts about sexual issues are scarce.
Refuse sexual intercourse, make excuses for not having sexual practices.
Do not enjoy sexual relations, do not concentrate on them when they are practiced, consider them expendable in our life or in our relationship.
Have frequent disagreements with the partner about the degree of sexual desire or frequency of intercourse.

In case we realize that we have this problem, we can always deal with a specialist and share it with our link.

Among the resources we have to recover are.

Improve communication between the couple, talk about each other’s tastes, mutual problems, and expectations about sexuality.
Have an open attitude to behavior change, be willing to implement new ways of relating.
Assume that the couple’s sexual problems are the responsibility of both and not one of them.

I hope that with this information we can all be better and have a better quality of life.

Very good sex for everyone, greetings.

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