What you should do in sex before 30

If you’re close to turning 30, or already have, you have to read everything you have to try on sex before this age. We assure you that if you haven’t done any of the things on this list, you should run to do them. The sex you have will get better, and much, we assure you.

sex after 30
Did you use a vibrator?
If you haven’t tried a vibrator yet, I don’t know where you’ve had your head for the past few years. The vibrator is the sex toy that every woman should have. Delete from your head the image that this toy can only be used by you, it can also be used as a couple. My recommendation, buy one now if you don’t have it, it will become your life partner.

Try Bondage
If you’re 30 and haven’t tried bondage yet, turn on the alert signal. Bondage, also known as BDSM is the use of masks, handcuffs, and other games to increase desire and excite your partner more through a slight immobilization, that is, tie it with ropes or bandages. If you are going to try this practice, do not forget to cover your partner’s eyes… it is very exciting.

Car sex
Let’s be clear, making love inside a car is not the best experience in the world. Still, you have to try it. Just think that if you are going to carry out this fantasy has to be in the right car, in the right place and in the perfect position. Make yourself comfortable and let yourself go… the pleasure is in the crowbar.

Erotic books
Take the taboo away from erotic literature and enjoy the pleasure you can find in its pages. See, men see porn and women read erotic books. The best thing about these books is to dream what you read, you’ll love it. What to read? 50 Shadows of Grey can be a good start.

Sex in the bathroom
If you’re 30 and you haven’t done it in the shower yet, you’re wasting your time. Keep in mind that if they do so in the bathroom, they will need a contraceptive method other than latex. The right soap and a good position make this experience unforgettable.

Sexy Lingerie
Don’t tell me you didn’t buy Super Sexy Lingerie to surprise your partner! It triggers the pleasure and passion that lace stockings, netting, sexy outfits, corset or babydoll produce. Think that these intimate clothes will raise your self-esteem to the clouds.

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